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Fashion and Lifestyle news from Spain, July 2018

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I know it is a difficult moment. I know you feel vulnerable and nervous, hoping everybody will love your creations as much as you do. This is  the moment when the work of months, if not years, comes to fruition, and there is no way back.

I know how it is because I have been there ; ) I know how grateful you feel when somebody approaches you with a smile and is genuinely interested in learning more about you and your creations.

But enough with the introductions! Let’s peruse my selection for today. I wish I had more space and time to do justice to so much talent. Let’s start with the Fashion and Lifestyle news for Spain:

Na Pa Ani

Na Pa Ani is a new brand and  definitely the cool new kid on the block. Doing raw design using organic fibers only and with a very natural and attractive color range, they will present their first collection at Playtime New York. If you check the website, you will understand why I am totally in love with what I have seen!

The site is still under construction, but you can get a very good idea of the style. Welcome Na Pa Ani team!
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Message in the Bottle

Soft garments for babies made of the best fabrics and material for very contemporary looks: I love the audacious spirit of this company. It is not easy to innovate and to get out of the well-worn tracks when it comes to Spanish baby fashion. But they do it! They break with convention without forgetting elegance and style, and the results are magnificent. This is a collection that unites modernism and the latest trends with all the softness that we always want for the little ones.
Message in the Bottle Summer in the City Press kit ss19 Web 12

Anguè Anguè clothes that tell stories

This darling brand designs and produces all its garments in Barcelona. A slow-fashion brand bringing high-quality clothing for children aged 0 to 12 to the market.

Anna Aromir the designer of Anguè Anguè is a writer and illustrator as well. Her children’ s tales serve as an inspiration for the creation of fashion collections season after season. In this new summer tale we will be charmed by animals like the beautiful black cat, the fireflies that light up the dark, and the colourful little fish in the pond, as well as flora like the lush ivy that crawls up the garden wall. And of course, it wouldn’t be an enchanted garden without ghosts. But fear not: these are good ghosts. Fun phantoms who just want to play. Boys and girls will love to dress in clothes decorated with these animals while learning the story behind each of them.

In 2016 the brand was awarded with the PRENAMO National Award for Fashion and Business Excellence!

DSCF3179 copia

The New Society

I visited the brand and had the opportunity to talk to them during Pitti Bimbo. Founder and creative director Estefanía Grandío took the time to explain their project. Their passion, years of experience and outstanding team make The New Society a new label to watch closely. Everything has been taken care of; the fabrics, the shapes, the patterns—nothing is coincidental. It is all the result of carefully thought-out choices. For the moment, I can share with you this picture from the SS19 collection.
The New Society SS19


PezPunto is another very special name in this children’s fashion universe. How unique is it to come across a brand who makes every garment totally by hand?! Using only cotton, linen and wool, they combine these classic fabrics with modern design and ancient stamp and dying techniques. Every collection that has come out from this atelier has a very different and unique style. Often inspired by a song, a trip, a glance. Their clothes change a lot from collection to collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted by the hand and inspiration of an architect who has always been in love with crafts and sewing. In brief, this is another brand to follow closely from now on.
Pezpunto fashion from Spain

Roofa Spain

Is a natural cosmetic line for babies. Only natural ingredients, without parabens or colorants. This is a very healthy care line that bases their success on an attractive product design that is safe and comforting for kids and parents.

Cool Kids is an innovative line of products for children aged 5 to 12 years that was developed with the intention of starting little ones on daily hygiene routines by using fun containers and original fragrances. The containers were created to be like a toy, a learning vehicle that will stimulate their imagination. Even though the company was formed back in 2012, they debuted in 2017. The motivated and passionate team behind the label has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
Roofa Cool kids perfumes for kids


Raúl and Manoli have a small atelier in one of the regions in Spain with the most ancient tradition when it comes to the production of wonderful shoes. With a manufacturing and design process they control from beginning to end, they are incredibly flexible when it comes to serving orders. They use only the softest and best materials. Furthermore, they work with an amazing vision and love for what they do. And you can feel that with everything they do and every picture of the new models they reveal.

They have their roots in tradition, but their designs are totally contemporary and whimsical.
Babilúkids shoes summer sandals

Bonmot Organic

I love the style and the concept that give life to this new project. Bonmot Organic is a company with a soul. They are here not only to create beauty, also to try to hear the world and respect it by creating garments made only with 100% organic Gots-certified fabrics. Their clothes are slow made and designed to last from brother to brother and be passed down to friends or neighbors. In their own words: “why not make garments that smile, get down and dirty with life, garments with a long lifespan, that go with everything, combining them just because they’re your favourites.”
Bonmot brand organic


I love Banwood’s products, and I love their story. A brand born in between two countries and two people with different expertise and backgrounds. They found each other, and one day something beautiful, sturdy and wonderful sees the light.

The founders, Juan Manuel Torralvo Castro and Frida Jonsby, met in Germany. Design met technique.

Their core values lie in safety, high quality and timeless design. Banwood create contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the keywords throughout their creative process are simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Banwood fashion bikes 2Model Bike: First Go! Available in a lot of nice colors.

Akido ecological shoes

AKIDO ecological shoes was born in early 2017. This 100% eco-friendly children’s shoe brand features expertly made high-quality, vulcanized shoes. Each pair aims to promote healthy foot growth. The whole production process is focused on quality and comfort, using organic materials, natural rubber soles and the newest technology. These vegan shoes contain no trace of animal components in either the lining and cut or the treatment and finish. They are made of high-grade fabric: breathable microfibers and organic cotton.
Akido kids shoes SS19 boys


I could not finish this reference to remarkable brands without mentioning Annice. I’m in love with the concept—the simple yet elegant lines, the architectural details, volumes and folds. I have talked about them before here. The new Promenade collection brings me directly back to my childhood Mediterranean summers. Days full of light, swimming and reading. Warm evenings wearing light clothes, running and playing through the streets until late. Not even stoping for dinner, but going into the house to grab a sandwich and continue playing or telling stories to cool down. I guess that is why I love the brand so much. I feel it in my roots. Annice is emotion and childhood nostalgia to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites today. There are many, many more interesting companies. As soon as you enter one of the fairs, you realize how many amazing and creative brands are out there in the world right now.

We will continue searching for more treasures to show you!

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